ImageMatters Advertising, through our media buying division offers research and strategic planning, negotiating of advertising space, monitoring an advertising campaign effectively, servicing your production, and making sure the advertiser’s message is placed at the right time to deliver the best results.

We offer advertising spaces which meet the specific requirements of customers. The differential is in the convenience that IMA provides in finding a suitable media solution to meet specific communicating requirements, without over boarding the advertising budget of its customers.

We facilitate out of home media solutions at various locations like Airports, Shopping Malls, Exhibition and Business centers, Important Landmarks and major tourist locations, both local and international. Our overall in-depth knowledge of the various media formats and their relation of effectiveness to the demographic breakdown and most importantly our relationship with space owners and other media owners helps us plan and deliver an all round OOH solution for assets outside the IMA portfolio.

We at IMA aim at leveraging our global and local relations to strategize value to our client’s market plans. Our understanding of Media buying, is a vital part of our business and we pride ourselves on our skills in negotiation, vendor relationships and knowledge of the local market.