Internet Consultancy

Like any aspect of business, achieving success online takes a great deal of planning, focus and a thorough understanding of the technologies and techniques that have been proven to work. Through our many years of experience in the industry, our internet consultants have compiled a detailed set of processes and best practices that outline what it takes to develop an effective Internet Marketing Solution.

Whether you want to build a website, a micro site or a simple landing page for an online campaign, talk to us to understand what will work for you.

When it comes to delivering Website Solutions, affordability and efficiency are two important concerns for us because they’re important to our clients. That’s why we use cutting edge technology to build websites that need no technical staff to maintain, that generate revenue during all hours of the day and are easily found by consumers within our clients’ target markets.

The best site architecture comes from understanding the site's purpose and the people using it. Once we determine your audience, we find out what they want from your site. We create personas to decide on the best navigation, content and function. And our site architecture is always tested so it addresses all three. It's about designing a site that addresses your customers' needs so you see real results.

Decisions about sites shouldn't be made on gut feelings. We give you facts to make the best possible choices. Our customer research breaks down to the qualitative and quantitative (including things like preference testing, one-on-one interviews, ethnographics, usability testing, syndicated data, online surveys and site analytics) so you have a full picture of what your customers want.

Paid Search Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising on search engines (PPC, also known as paid search) is now firmly established as a highly cost-effective means of engaging with customers who, by initiating a search, have already chosen to enter the buying cycle.

Paid search marketing consists of placing ads for your products or services on search engines and on content sites across the internet. These ads are typically small snippets of text linked to your merchandise pages. You pay when someone clicks through to your site from the ad.

Cost-per-click (CPC) fees range from 5 cents to several dollars per click, with an industry average near 35 cents "Pay-for-performance is hot." Advertisers are flocking to paid search programs and search engine marketing (SEM) opportunities with visions of increased site traffic, sales, and online exposure. A 2002 survey conducted by Search 123 found 34 percent of businesses surveyed allocate "at least 75 percent of their online advertising budgets for pay-per-click [PPC] search engines," while another 21 percent give it half to three-quarters of their budgets.

Benefits of Paid Search Advertising:
Guaranteed placement at the top of search engine results
Pay only for qualified, targeted traffic to your site
Campaigns can be set up and modified very quickly


Looking for creative, cost-effective methods to distribute rich media content? Mobile marketing methods that can substantially raise your ROI? Here's the solution: Bluetooth Marketing, an amazing system that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to target your audience at close proximity to your establishment with the direct response message.

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing allows for the distribution of rich media content and applications to mobile phones, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled handheld devices. Content that is engaging, interactive, and informative. The formula works when these wireless devices are relatively close to virtually any public and private spaces that are equipped with a Bluetooth MediaServer.

Find out more information on Bluetooth Mobile Marketing on Areas of application:
Airports /Auto Sales /Banks /Billboards /Bus Shelter Posters /Church Campuses
Concerts /Hospitals /Hotels and Resorts /Kiosks /Large Shopping Malls
Medical Plazas /Movie Theater Complexes /Nightclubs and Bars /Public Spaces
Restaurants /Retail Locations /Sports Arenas /Subway Station Posters
Technical Schools /Theatres (opera, shows, etc.) / Tradeshows
University and College Campuses

Here how your business will benefit from proximity marketing?
Ensure that recipients have an enhanced retail experience.
Lower the dependence on expensive paper-based marketing material.
Drive sales by offering digital delivery of coupons and promotional material.
Increase loyalty through redemption opportunities and loyalty programs.
Extend the brand beyond the retail location.
Immediate call to action on the message delivered
Bluetooth marketing means your customers gain access to vital information about products and services on-demand.
This frees your sales staff to deal with additional customer requests. Plus, this Bluetooth-enabled
technology allows retailers and service operators to encourage viral marketing.