Want to start a campaign but don’t know where to start?
The first step is to ask yourself a few basic questions and create a media brief based on the answers.

STEP 1 – Planning your campaign

Four main planning questions –

What do I want my advertising to accomplish? - Goals
Who should my advertising speak to?- Target Market
What should my advertising say? - Message
What are my success factors? - Measurement
Other considerations –
What’s my budget?
When do I want this campaign to happen?
How long do I want the campaign to run?
Here are some tips for Developing a good Creative / Artwork for your Outdoor Campaign.

Keep it Simple - An important question to keep in mind when designing outdoor advertising is...does your message communicate simply and effectively within 7-10 seconds? That's how long your viewer will have to see your ad. Outdoor is usually viewed from distances of 100 to 500 feet - so your message needs to be brief, simple and clear.

Color - Choose colors with high contrast in both hue and value. Contrasting colors work best when viewed from a distance. Colors without contrast will blend together and obscure the message.

Copy - Copy should generally be kept to seven words or less and should be concise to register quickly in the mind of a moving audience. A strong illustration is worth 1,000 words.

Font Type - Your Creative lettering should be simple, clear and easy to read. Be careful with spacing between letters and between words. Letters with too little spacing tend to merge when viewed from a distance. Simple, sans serif type faces work best in outdoor; ornate, serif typefaces do not.

File Types:
.AI (preferred), .PSD, .EPS, .PDF, .TIFF
All submitted artwork must be at a minimum of 300DPI

Vector Artwork:
No overprints
Make sure linked files do not have any compression
Convert all fonts to outlines
Send artwork to scale

Photoshop EPS's, PSD format:
Flatten images, no extra channels or paths
Set image to scale, make sure there is enough resolution to increase the file size without pixilation of the image
Please do not compress files

Color: Make sure your colors are set at CMYK mode. No RGB files, color will shift Any blacks used, redefine to 50c, 50m, 0y, 100k. This enriches the black for the highest quality

Proofs: Please provide a PDF proof for final layout. Make sure any special instructions or concerns are mentioned

Text: All Artwork should carry a minimum of 50% Arabic text.

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