Transit Advertising is one of the mainstays of the out-of-home category of advertising, it reaches individuals from different market segments through a single medium, usually a local public transportation system or special purpose advertising vans. Transit Advertising generates various impressions at a considerably affordable cost and at the same time looks to target large captive audiences. Hard to ignore, Transit Advertising is an effective way to reach a significant number of viewers on a daily basis and can penetrate residential geographic areas where a stationary billboard cannot. Through size, motion, and visual impact, Transit Advertising effectively promotes your company's products or services.

ImageMatters have launched a mixed fleet of vans and buses, in various sizes, across the Emirate offering effective, affordable media and an exclusive showing of your campaign on our network. Our vans and buses are constantly moving from one place to another giving your Ads more exposure. As a full service graphic design firm, ImageMatters will create aesthetic graphic designs complete with successful marketing copy and will locate the fleet of vans along high traffic routes that are sure to reach your target audience

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