Imagine, Innovate, Captivate

We impact customers through different types of outdoor advertising media, like Nupoles, Backlit and Tri-vision for roof-tops, Wall hoardings, Scaffolding and Unipoles along roadsides , Window graphics and Front- lit wall banners, Digital and Projection advertising on building faces.

Imagematters, sites are located all over the UAE, and we spend considerable time and effort sourcing locations that deliver high -frequency visibility, memorability and powerful impact. Our hoardings are positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as highways, city junctions, and major intersections.


Large format advertising has been responsible for some of the most iconic and memorable advertising campaigns ever.

We can help you create something unique by adding 3D forms to a billboard or creating a mega size “SPECTACULAR” billboard which will encourage interaction with your consumer, with add-ons like life size figures, lighting and sound effects, Bluetooth interaction, etc.

We believe in creating innovative communication solutions that are highly memorable through impact and frequency.


When it comes to OOH advertising there are different creative formats that one can use to promote a brand or message. Use of standard projection lights and LED billboards can create Large formats that help build that lasting impression you demand from an campaign.

imagematters can deliver and execute OOH campaigns with Interactive Projections, 3D Video Projections, Standard Outdoor Building Projections and LED billboards.

Video Projection is a premier way to bring outdoor advertising campaigns to life at night. This advertising medium can achieve remarkable brand recall value.

We offer a full service solution, from creating the concepts and visuals to sourcing the right location and managing all municipal and other permissions to execute a campaign